Ryoko Nakano's Profile

After training and acquiring valuable acting experience in the Nagoya Youth Theatrical Company (Nagoya Seinen Gekidan) and Daiei Theatrical Institute (Daiei Engeki Kenkyusho), she joined Mifune Production. She made her debut by playing the title role in the movie “Morning for you and I” (Futari dake no Asa).

She appeared in “As much as you like” (Tenka Gomen), an NHK TV historical drama series; this role turned her into a star throughout Japan.

In China, two movies, “Cross the angry river” (Kimi yo Fundo no Kawa wo Watare), and “Mrs. Gin” (Ogin-sama), were presented and they made her a star also in China.

During one of Japan‘s Prime Minister‘s visit to China, she was chosen as a newscaster.

She invited cultured people from China to Japan and held peace symposiums together.

“Mrs. Gin” was shown in Paris under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Public Relations Bureau, and was a big success. She also held a series of successful lectures titled “JAPANESE WOMEN: THEN AND NOW” and “The Earth‘s Ambitions” at universities in Paris, Aix-en-Provence, and Brest.

She was sent as a ‘Cultural Ambassador‘ to Washington and New York, and lectured on “Mutual Understanding between United States and Japan.”

She held special performances across Japan by combining lectures, videos, and her own music. The overall program was warmly welcomed by audiences and the media. Feeling the importance of mutual learning between nations, she cooperated in the construction of an elementary school in Shin-Kuwau Island, China.

She was appointed as a member of the “Concerns for Life and Society for the Next Generation Committee”, sponsored by the Ministry of Construction.

She held lectures in Japan, The United States, France and China under the topic: “East and West”.

She held lectures on “Japan: An Attractive Country In The World” in Kochi Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture, Kouchi-Nagano, and Sapporo. She was also the main guest speaker at the “International Children and Peace Symposium” in Kagamino-Cho, Okayama Prefecture, and the “World Environmental Symposium” in Tokyo. She produced a Chinese TV program titled “China and I. ” She was appointed as a permanent member of the Planning Group of the National Land Agency's “Special Committee of Chubu-Area Development. ”

She planned, directed and actively led the “World Culture and Children” festival in Kagamino-Cho, Okayama Prefecture. Currently she is an actress as well as founder and director of the “WILL International Culture Exchange Center.” Among her many professional and social activities, she has managed time to plan and produce events, symposiums, lectures, concerts, and published her writings. Her themes are: “The Earth's Ambitions”, “Japan: An Attractive Country in the World”, “Preservation of the Natural Environment and Town Construction” and “It's the Future.”

She actively participated in many volunteer activities.  She donated to the International collaboration bazaar, which was supported by Tokyo International Learning Community (TILC) and JHP, an association that helps to build schools in developing countries.
Her idea of international cultural exchange,
Global Goodwill,”  was adopted in a public school curriculum in New York.

She posed for a poster for the Ministry of Justice.

On the International Earth Day, she held a lecture on
Nature and Spirit in Nagoya.
Her first book,
Song of Stars the beginning of international exchanges,”  was published by NHK publisher. 

She appeared on a TV drama series,
Long Love, a joint production of Shanghai Film Studio of China and Fukui TV of Japan.
She also appeared on TV-Asahi's Saturday TV Drama, Kyoto series I & II.

Currently, she is an actress as well as a founder and director of the
WILL International Cultural Exchange Center.  Among her many professional and social activities, she has managed time to plan and produce events, symposiums, lectures, concerts, and published her writings.  Her themes are The Earth's Ambitions, Japan: An Attractive Country in the World,” “Preservation of the Natural Environment and Town Construction, and It's the Future.


Popular Movies she has appeared in:

- Morning for you and I (Futari Dake No Asa)

- Takiji Kobayashi

- Yumeji Takehisa

- Cross the angry river (Kimiyo Hundo-no-Kawa wo Watare)

- From a Nothern Inn

- Mrs. Gin (Ogin-sama)

- Testimony of the Wildness (Yasei-no-Shomei)

- The Long and Winding Road (Haruka-naru-Michi)


Popular Plays she has appeared in:

- Sin and Punishment (Tsumi-to-Batsu)

- Romeo and Juliet


- Musashi Miyamoto


Popular TV Dramas she has appeared in:

- As Much As You Like (Tenka Gomen)

- Luminous Ocean (Hikaru Umi)

- Tale of the Country Robber (Kunitori Monogatari)

- Takekurabe

- Old Stories in Genroku (Genroku Taiheiki)

- White Shadow (Shiroi Kage)

- A Flower of Illusion (Genka)

- Love Song (Koiuta)

- Mahiruno


Her Writings:

- Her essays were publised serially in Doshin Today for two years

- She writes articles for Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun and other dailies

- Currently she is writing her first book.

Member of the following Think tanks:

- Hiei Conference

- Nagoya Conference

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